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      Did You Know?​​

GST/HST   If your sales exceed 30,000 you will need to register.  Once your sales hit 30,000 you need to get a HST number and charge your customers..  If you do not charge it to your customer you can be liable for it.  You  also cannot claim HST paid out on purchases.  

Audits - while they are not wanted they do occur and​ the following tips 

will help with smooth sailing.  ​ 

Business Registration Online/mail or by phone with Canada Revenue is easy 

Best for businesses with simple registration requirements.

You can use Business Registration Online to get a business number. You can also register for one or more of the most common Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) program accounts:

GST/HST program account (RT)

Payroll deductions program account (RP)

import-export program account (RM)

Corporation income tax program account (RC)

Registered charity program account (RR)

Information returns (RZ)


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